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New ThinkSpace Feature - Peer Assessments

November 18, 2015

Watch our video:

We are proud to announce that peer assessments are now available to use in ThinkSpace!

For those not familiar with team-based learning, peer assessment is a great way to encourage team participation by giving students the responsibility of assessing their team member’s performance. You can have them distribute a set number of points amongst their team members or assess them based on performance categories.

To start using them, create a new case and choose peer assessment as your case type. We’ve created a how-to guide for creating peer assessments as well as a guide for creating teams to help you get started.

We want to thank the Team-Based Learning Faculty Learning Community (TBL FLC) at Iowa State University who helped us from the very beginning by giving us feedback and helping us test the new features.

We plan on continuing to improve peer assessment as well as the rest of our team-based learning tools. We will keep you all updated!