Transformative Learning through Collaborative Development

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ThinkSpace is a growing constellation of innovative learning applications each supported by a passionate community of users. Join us to provide transformative learning experiences for your own students in an exciting, collaborative, online environment.

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“Tools like ThinkSpace will provide an environment in which students can actually engage meaningfully with the content.”

Jared danielson

Jared Danielson

Director, Office of Curricular and Student Assessment, Assistant Professor
Create engaging, effective assignments

Using ThinkSpace, you can provide real-world cases and other complex learning experiences to deepen student understanding and reflection of topics in any discipline.

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“ThinkSpace, unlike any other software tool, deliberately exposes and guides the thinking processes of its users, and demonstrably impacts teaching methodology and ‘ways of knowing’.”

Mary m christopher

Mary M. Christopher

Professor of Clinical Pathology, University of California-Davis
Leverage existing learning applications

Our hub has a variety of effective learning applications with ready-to-use cases that can be used to enhance your teaching or simply embed the tools from the app into your own custom case.

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“While it may seem that there are many tools which allow team activities to be facilitated in class, this is the only one that I have found which provides the level of flexibility and creativity needed to generate the valuable, team-centered, engaging learning experience that I have worked to design into my course.”

Emily kohnke

Emily J. Kohnke

Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management

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What people are saying about ThinkSpace

“ThinkSpace has transformed how I teach. I came to ThinkSpace for the rubrics. I’ve stayed because it has informed my teaching. The functionality of ThinkSpace is beyond any other tool I’ve found on the market because it supports an interactive process; offers efficient feedback methods; encourages my students to grapple with complex, ill-defined problems; and makes reflective teaching practices possible. ThinkSpace inspires me to be a better teacher.”

Carla weiner

Carla Weiner
Lecturer, ThinkSpace Early Adopter, Content Strategy Consultant

“ThinkSpace is a remarkable tool for the ever evolving classroom, and has broad applications to a variety of disciplines.”

Shannon jones hostetter

Shannon Jones Hostetter
Assistant Professor of Veterinary Pathology

“I have worked as an instructional technologist at ISU for 20 years and I have never seen a technology that was so embraced by faculty---none over which faculty have shown such ownership.”

Allan schmidt

Allan Schmidt
CELT Assistant Director of Learning Technologies

"The Professional Development for Algebra Progress Monitoring variation on Thinkspace differs from other applications, as it does not involve problem- or case-based learning imbedded into a university course. Instead, it offers an exemplar of how the system might be used to support unique and interactive professional development applications that could prove to be viable solutions for non-course-based training needs."

Anne foegen

Anne Foegen
Associate Professor, School of Education

“ThinkSpace not only supports development of individual problem solving skills, but also collaborative team skills so needed in today's workforce.”

Holly bender

Holly Bender
Associate Director, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching / Director, Preparing Future Faculty Program

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